Catherine Roach

Catherine M. Roach

Professor, New College

(205) 348-8415

218 Lloyd Hall

Office Hours

Varies by term, appointments may always be booked via email

Undergraduate Education

Honours BA, University of Ottawa, 1987

Graduate Education

MA in Religious Studies, University of Ottawa, 1989

MA in Religion in the Modern West, Harvard University, 1991

PhD in Religion in the Modern West, Harvard University, 1998


Affiliated Faculty in Dept. of Gender and Race Studies


Teaching Interests

NEW 140  Sexuality and Society (every term, large enrollment Core lecture course)

NEW 211  Perspectives in the Humanities: Food For Thought (service learning seminar)

NEW 411  So You Like to Write: A Writing Workshop Open to All Genres (workshop seminar)

NEW 415  Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture (Core writing seminar)


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Representative Publications

Happily Ever After: The Romance Story in Popular Culture.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2016.    Silver Medal, Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2017.


.KNIGHT OF LOVE, historical romance novel

Knight of Love.  New York: Pocket Star-Simon & Schuster, 2014.  The Society of Love, Book 2.  Web. 


MASTER OF LOVE historical romance novel

Master of Love. New York: Pocket Star-Simon & Schuster, 2012. The Society of Love, Book 1. Web.



Stripping, Sex, and Popular Culture.  Oxford, UK: Berg Publishers, 2007.



Mother/Nature cover

Mother / Nature: Popular Culture and Environmental Ethics.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2003.


See also: “Getting a Good Man to Love: Popular Romance Fiction and the Problem of Patriarchy.” Journal of Popular Romance Studies.  Issue 1.1, August 2010.




Dr. Catherine M. Roach is a New College professor of cultural studies and gender studies.  She has over two decades of teaching, research, and publication experience on gender and sexuality in American popular culture.

She writes fiction under the name Catherine LaRoche, with two historical romance novels published and an academic satire in the works.  Her first e-novel Master of Love appeared with Simon & Schuster in 2012; Knight of Love followed in 2014.

Her academic books include an analysis of the environment as Mother Nature and an examination of exotic dance and striptease culture.

Most recently, she wrote about becoming a romance novelist in a book about how romance — “find your one true love” — is the most powerful narrative at work in popular culture.  Happily Ever After: The Romance Story in Popular Culture, won Silver Medal in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards for Popular Culture and earned mention in the New York Times Book Review.

Roach won the Romance Writers of America Academic Research Grant in 2009, the Fulbright–University of Leeds Distinguished Chair Award in 2013–14, and the Fulbright Specialist Award to Greece in 2018.

She is interested in food studies and has led students on study abroad to a 12th-century agricultural estate in Italy.  She enjoys hiking, paddling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends — especially summers escaping the sultry Alabama heat back in her native Canada.