Spring 2014 Grads: New College Commencement will be held May 2nd, 9:30 AM in Rast A&B.

Congratulations to New College student Mary Sellers Shaw, student recipient of the Morris Lehman Mayer Award, which recognizes one graduating senior and one faculty member who exemplify integrity, selfless service, and leadership at UA and in the community, and who have made significant contributions to student life.

The University of Alabama is also a member of NCSE, The National Council for Science and the Environment.


New College is the University of Alabama's commitment to providing personalized higher education for those students who need and desire that special attention. We are an interdisciplinary liberal arts program where students craft individualized courses of study consistent with their interests, aptitude, temperament, and skills. Each student, with the assistance of a faculty mentor, builds a course of study that includes traditional coursework, community-based learning, undergraduate research opportunities, and self-directed study. We believe our emphasis on student choice and responsibility promotes the creativity, flexibility and adaptability necessary for effective participation in the emergent communities of the future.